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Ding presents Smart Booking Response, Service Form and Calendar Sync for you to focus on providing service rather than messy paperworks!

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Overall bookings and days-off, just at a glance. Easier to communicate for all!

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Professional Landing Page

A landing page presents contextual details of services for booking is simpler for customer browse and book your services.

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Booking System As It Should Be

No need for waiting messages or phone calls, Ding fully supports your booking process. Ease your worries on customer relationship management.

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One system, multiple optimized tools for better service quality, satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Friendly Block-based Landing Page

Rich blocks such as portfolio, customer reviews and location, etc can be displayed to potential customers. Create rich content by simple drag-n-drop UI for your booking website.

Emails Connect You and Customers

Send your business emails with one click without copy-pasting contact names and content around.

Smart Booking Response

Integrate work, day-off and your private calendar events to provide customers your availability to reserve without fuss. Rescue you from checking time and responding to customer via back-and-forth messages.

Questionnaires to Know Your Customer

No overwhelming upfront cost for building website, Powerful Ding integrates survey service to collect customer needs (Know-Your-Customer) to improve service quality, satisfaction and efficiency.

Optimize Booking, Reduce Overhead

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