Privacy Policy

Updated at 2019/10/5

Thanks for using Ding Booking System. (Hereinafter called "Ding", "Our service", "Our" or "We"). We makes our best effort to provide a simple yet powerful booking management system for you.

This privacy policy explains how we and our third-party partners collect, use, share and protect information provided or relevant mobile data, website information and relevant software data. It also states your right of choice on how we collect and use your data.

By using our service, it means you understand and agree we provide a platform for you to publish content through website including company information, images and other data (Hereinafter called "Customer data") and share this information to the public. It means other users can search, view, use or share the public data you share through our service according to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy applies to all visitors, customers and other who accesses our service. (Hereinafter called "users").

1. Data Collected by Our Service

Information you provided directly:

  • Email address and password when you register Ding
  • Personal information provided by you, like name or phonr number. This information enable our service and other users to identify you.
  • Customer data posted by you on our service
  • Communications between you and our service. For example, we might send you emails related to our service, like account verification, changes of our service or security related notifications. Please note that you are not able to refuse to receive these kind of emails.
Data for Analysis Purpose:
  • We adopt thrid-party analysis tools to help assess our service's traffic and pattern of usage. These tools collect data from information transmitted from your device or our service which including webpages of our services you visited, your plugins installed or other inforamtion helps us to improve our service. Your data collected and analyzed will be merged with all other users hence it's not possible to identify any specific user.
Coolie and similar technology:
  • When visiting our serice, we might use cookie or similar technology such as pixel, website metrics or local storage to collect how you use our services and provide improved service for you.
  • Every time you request an access (a visit) to our service's webpage or application, your browser will report a logging entry. When website content is downloaded to your browser or device, a logging entry might occurs.
  • When using our service, our server automatically logs some of information such as internet requests, Internet Protocol (Hereinafter called "IP") address, referral page, quitting page, url requested, clicks, your interaction with our service, doamin, page links, page views and other data of this kind. We might also collect similar set of information to help us to know whether receiver of mails opens a mail or click links attached or not. This information helps us for improving on the right direction.
  • Metadata often comprises technical information related to our users. For example, metadata can explain the method, time, collector and format of a user content dataset collected.

2. How users' information is used

Apart from usage of information explained in this privacy policy, we might use collected information in below ways:

  • Help you to access informatino efficiently after loggin in
  • Remember information for you to prevent entering information again during the session of usage or at afterward visits
  • Provide personal content and information to you and others. Online advertisements and marketing in other forms might be included
  • Provide, improve, test and monitor the performance of our service
  • Develop and test new features on our service
  • Monitor metrics such as number of visitors, traffic and demographics information
  • Diagonose or fix technical issues

3. Share your information

Without your conscent, we won't lease or sell your information to third-parties with exceptions listed in this privacy policy.
We might share your information to these parties:

  • We might share your information, cookie, logs, device identification, location and other information collected automatically to third-party institutions(Hereinafter called "service providers") who help us to provide our service to you. Our service providers will be granted for accessing your information to provide service under reasonable situation and follow reasonable non-disclosure agreement.
  • We might share cookie or similar data to our third party advertisement partners. This information enable them to provide advertisement which you might be most interested in to you
  • We will remove identification part from the data and share data anonymously. We also might merge your data with other information and make it not related to you and share curated information.
  • If you remove data posted on our service, a copy might be in our cache or archive. Other users might also have copied or saved that data.
Change of control:

If we sell all of a part of our service to other institution or sell and transfer our assets to other institution, your name/email and user data collected by our service will be included in the items of selling and transferring.
You will still owns your data. The buyer and receiver of our service has to following promises made in this privacy policy.

How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

We access, preserve and share your information with regulators or law enforcement in response to a legal request, if we have a good-faith belief that the law requires us to do so or if we believe that disclosure would assist in a lawful investigation. We can also respond to legal requests when we have a good-faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized standards.

4. How do we store your data

  • Your data collected by our service might be processed and stored in Taiwan or countries in which our service providers operate
  • Ding and our service providers might transfer your data from countries you are in to other countries or other law jurisdiction area.
  • By registering and using our service, it means you agree to transfer your data to Taiwan or other countries our service providers operate in and use also disclose your information according to this privacy policy.
  • We will apply protections suits our business goal best to protect information collected by our service and take reasonable actions to identify you to futher accessing your account. However, Ding can't guarantee security on data transfered from you to Ding. We also won't guarantee data in our service won't get accessed, disclosed, changed or destroyed.

5. Please do what you can do to help us. You are responsible for protecting your password and account information. You should secure accessing emails from Ding. We are not respondsible for other institutions' functions, privacy or security measures.

6. For your right for your data, your account information and personal info, you can log in Ding and update your information anytime.

7. After your account is suspended or removed, Ding and service providers will keep your data (include your account information and personal info) for a while for business considerations such as backup, archiving or auditing.

8. We are not responsible for measures by any websites or services linked with our service including data processing and storing methods. Please remember, when you go to other websites or services from our service, our privacy policy does not apply to them. Any browsing or interactions happen on third party websites should be conformed by their rules or policies.
Further more, for third parties have access granted by you to our service, we are not responsible for them and we don't have control over what they can do on your data. Please note you have to take your own risk on granting data accessing right to thrid party.

9. If you have any question on this policy or our service, please contact us by email or support links.

10. Change of privacy policy: Ding might change or update this privacy policy at anytime. Please check this policy periodically. We will provide additional notifications of changes accordingly. Continue using our service after change of this policy means you accept the updated policy.